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Fleet Management

Consolidated Operations & Fleet Maintenance Partnerships

Consolidating vehicle maintenance operations can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. Local governments often assign responsibility for purchasing and repairing vehicles to individual departments.

Fleet MaintenanceThese entities contract separately for services or use in-house personnel, leading to duplicate staffing, equipment, and supplies.

Strategically reviewing capacity and needs could identify ways to combine operations which in turn can lead to providing services across multiple departments and dividing charges across the divisions. Creation of internal service funds and charge back policies ensures the fair distribution of costs.

In addition to combining services between departments, local government should also look for partnerships with other governments, school districts, and non-profit agencies. Efficiencies can be achieved across the organizations, not only in labor and parts, but also in the facilities themselves. Service agreements can be established to negotiate the compensation for services.

Ohio Examples

Central Garage Leads to Cost-Savings
Stark County

Stark County uses a centralized garage to provide basic automotive services such as oil changes, wiper blade changes, and tune-ups to most county offices. The county charges departments and reports achieving cost-savings in both labor and parts.

County Transportation Facility to Save $2 Million & $100,000 a Year
Geauga County and West Geauga Schools

Geauga County’s Developmental Disabilities department is completing a county transportation facility that will provide vehicle maintenance services not only to all county vehicles, but also to the West Geauga School District. The combined project will provide parking for West Geauga buses and allows the school district to tear down its deteriorating bus garage. A joint facility saves $2 million that would have been spent had separate facilities been built by each entity. The county is also anticipating saving $100,000 per year by refueling in a central location.

City Townships Partnership Spans Ten Years
City of Gahanna

The City of Gahanna has partnered with Mifflin and Jefferson Townships for over 10 years to share the city’s service garage.

National Examples

City Partnership Could Save $100,000
City of Moline, Illinois

The City of Moline partnered with a local military installation to provide cost savings through the more efficient use of staff and facilities. The military facility found reliable maintenance service for emergency firefighting vehicles, and the city was able to add a member to its staff, while decreasing costs and improving the city’s overall fleet maintenance efficiency.

The city estimates lowering labor rates for all customers by nearly $5 per hour. The additional work and larger staff allows the city to operate its maintenance facility an additional 10 hours per day, increasing facility efficiency while ensuring productivity. The City estimates savings of approximately $100,000 in 2011.City of Moline, Illinois

City Works with School District to Provide Emergency Services
City of Sierra Vista, Arizona/ Sierra Vista Unified School District

The Sierra Vista Unified School District signed two intergovernmental agreements with the City of Sierra Vista to provide emergency maintenance and fuel services for the district’s vehicles in the event that these were needed.

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